About Me

Moraine Lake, Summer 2015
Moraine Lake, Summer 2015

Hi! My name is Ardalan. I currently live in Calgary, Canada.

I started building software and websites when I was 8 years old. My server-side programming era began 5 years later with ASP classic. A year later I found PHP and have been using it ever since. Although about 3 years ago, almost at the same time I started using React, I switched to Node.js for my server-side apps. Overall I’ve architected, lead, and developed over 100 web application and website projects including highly optimized JS and Node.js apps with millions of monthly users for Fortune 500 companies such as H&R Block, Nissan, Infiniti, AT&T, Sunglass Hut and General Electric.

I do a lot of SEO, analytics, and digital marketing as well. I also enjoy developing mobile apps using new tools and have built a few apps using React Native. MR/AR and VR are other technologies I’m fascinated by and have used in several high-profile projects for clients like Infiniti and GE.

For more technical stuff, check out my LinkedIn.

I love to travel, watch movies, listen to/play music, take photos, and do anything that gives me an adrenaline rush!

I play volleyball, go on mountain hikes and ski regularly. I also play 8-ball pool, badminton, tennis, ping-pong and do rock-climbing besides working out at the gym.

Ardalan.me is my personal slice of the web where I’m going to post my ramblings, random life updates, etc. Basically, anything that is a little too off topic or too long for my Twitter.

Thanks for your visit, I hope you enjoy your stay! If you would like to strike up a conversation, please feel free to get in touch.